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It’s Time to
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Business Owner

Supercharge Your Real Estate
Investing Portfolio

For real estate investors in this day and age, getting advice that’s tailored to your real estate portfolio and the goals you want to achieve today can be challenging. While most advisors have canned strategies that are generally sound, the chances that those strategies are relevant to your investment situation are small.

Simply put, good advice is only good if it helps you. And as a real estate investor, your needs are drastically different than your run-of-the-mill real estate buyer. That’s why Clint Coons, Esq. has written Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection. Having learned from decades building his own real estate portfolio, Coons has learned what it takes to kickstart your real estate investment and start growing generational wealth.

Clint’s advice roots itself in the secrets he’s discovered working with ultra-wealthy real estate investors who treat their portfolio like a business. For Coons, this makes all the difference. Those people invest in themselves, and aggressively pursue opportunities that present themselves. The business mindset accompanied by his other relevant strategies like asset protection, owning via entities, working with lenders, long-term activities for developing multiple streams of passive income, and ultimately eliminating fear so that you can take big bold moves for supercharging your portfolio.

Clint Coons headshot
Clint Coons headshot

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Get the relevant advice you need to take charge of your real estate investing portfolio. With the right strategies curated to your goals, you can make changes to your approach that will supercharge your investments. Download chapter one of Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection here.

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“Based on personal experience after the 2008 market crash, I can tell you firsthand that Clint Coons has provided information and actionable content in this book that will literally add value for you and future generations of your family. I wish I had this information back pre-2008 because Clint has laid it out with the utmost common sense, simultaneously inserting jaw-dropping reality. I will continue to use him and this book as a powerful trusted reference. Embrace this road map!”

Chris Prefontaine

CEO, Wicked Smart Real Estate

“Catastrophic failures occur when real estate investors ignore liability planning, business planning, and tax planning. Mr. Coons is a master of his craft and breaks down into layman’s terms the essential concepts that each real estate investor must acknowledge, embrace, and implement.”

Michael Bowman, Esq.